Google Analytics (GA4) Setup


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Get Clear Website Insights With A Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Dashboard 

It’s finally time. To the bane of many marketers and business owners, Google has discontinued it’s Universal Analytics tool and replaced it with GA4. As of July 1, 2023, Google will stop tracking your essential Website traffic metrics unless you integrate it’s entirely new analytics tool. 

You’ll no longer know if your marketing campaigns are working or if your website visitors love or hate your site. You’ll be trusting your business to chance. And as any financial planner knows, if you want to plan for the future you need to know where you stand now. You need good data. 

What’s the big deal about GA4?

If you’re used to the Universal Analytics product that Google has had in effect since 2012, then you’ll likely find GA4 to be more complex and confusing. Trying to master it will make your head spin.

But GA4 is much more powerful… And it’s better aligned with the way that people view websites nowadays, seamlessly tracking cross-platform visits (ie., people bouncing between engaging with your content in apps, desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices). While Universal Analytics was centered on tracking hits and sessions, GA4 uses an entirely new methodology based on engagement and key actions, which gives you a much clearer understanding of the customer journey. It lets you create “events” to track almost anything — like how many people click on your embedded videos or FAQs, scroll to the bottom of your pages, download your white paper, or even click out to your Calendly booking page. It integrates better with Google ads and uses AI and machine learning to give you deeper insights and analyze data patterns.  

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We’ll Build A Dashboard for Your Key Metrics
Make Sense of Your Analytics with a Looker Studio Dashboard

Tracking your website analytics is of little value if you’re not reviewing them periodically. But who wants to have to log into Google Analytics to do so? No one does.

We’ll create your GA4 account, install it on your website, define and create your events to track, and display your key performance metrics in a convenient, beautiful dashboard. With one click you can get a clear idea of how your website is performing and be more prepared to make adjustments to your content, campaigns, or calls to action.

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