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Building Online Authority

Ultimately, your search rankings will depend on the search engine’s perception of your authority within your industry and geolocation.

The more trust and authority the search engines have in your pages, the higher they will rank on search engine results pages

The key is in knowing what signals the search engines are using to determine authority, and then focusing on reinforcing or strengthing those signals.

Ten years ago, Foundational SEO – on-page factors such as keywords, title tags, URLs, and content mark-up – was usually enough to rank in most markets.

However, in today’s more competitive online markets, Foundational SEO, while still an important first step in getting found and listed in the SERPs, will probably not be enough to differentiate you from your competitors.

 What Signals are the Search Engines Looking for?

There are hundreds of signals the search engines use, but the biggest two signals of authority are:

1. Backlinks from reputable, high authority sites
2. Online Ratings and Reviews

As online reviews and ratings are not common among advisors due to compliance, backlinks are that much more important in the financial industry.

Backlinks are links from another site to your website – they allow another website to share some of its earned trust and authority with your site.

Authentic Back Links

Search engines like Google and Bing, work very hard to ensure that the links that point at a site are actual “votes of confidence” for that website or page. They look for natural links and try to ignore links that are purchased from link farms, traded for, or look unnatural.

When looking for a company to help you with developing your link profile, make sure that the links that they will acquire are permanent, one-way links from reputable sites, and that they are acquired over time, not all at once.

Buying backlinks from link farms, exchanging links, or generating backlinks from spammy, low-quality sites, will hurt your Search Engine Rankings.

Building Backlinks

At TRA we follow the changes in the search engine industry very carefully, and only use Search Engine approved techniques and strategies.

Why “Content Marketing” Isn’t Enough

One of the challenges with building backlinks, and the common misconceptions in the “build it (content) and they will come” theory of link building, is that within each industry, there are only a few (in many cases 2-5%), of online participants (the linkeratti) that are actually linking out to others. You have to be very well connected, very strategic, or very lucky, to gain their attention and obtain a link from them.

We are able to identify the financial linkeratti, research the type of content that they like to link out to, and proactively put it in front of them, thereby increasing the chances of gaining valuable links.

Our Link Building Strategies

1. High Authority Blog Link: we will identify relevant, high authority websites, use our network of bloggers to arrange a post submission to that site, then write and submit an article of interest to their audience. The article is not in your name, our writers submit the content using their own names, but the article will link back to your web content, thereby creating a valuable backlink to your website.

2. PowerPage Technique: the PowerPage technique involves finding a piece of content that was successful in attracting backlinks, then creating a bigger, better piece of content. This requires us to:

  • Identify the Linkerati: we can identify other link builders within your industry, and determine what type of content they link out to.
  • Content Creation: we can help create linkable content – power blog posts, infographics, images, and video.
  • Content Promotion: We will help to actively promote your content to the linkerati.

3. Guest Posting: we identify high authority, industry-related websites, and work with them to create a guest post opportunity for your firm. We can write the article for you, or help guide your writers through the writing, submission, and promotion process. 

At TRA, we recognize that our success is measured by your success. That is why we monitor the Search Engines closely for changes, making sure that we only implement Search Engine approved SEO strategies.

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