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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Financial Advisors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best investments you can make towards growing your business, but it gets more competitive and challenging every year.

Your success depends not only on your marketing efforts, but also on your location and your competitors.

Generalized SEO service offerings don’t work. You need a unique strategy for your unique situation. That is why recommend most firms begin with our Advisor Marketing Prospectus, so we can determine the best opportunities specifically for your business.

Upon completion of the Advisor Marketing Prospectus, we will have a good understanding of your firm, the competitive landscape, and how you can best grow your business online. We’ll design a detailed, actionable plan to beat out the competition and land new clients.

Why are we the best SEO firm for Advisors?

Our team has been focused on SEO for advisors for the past decade and we know how to get results. We’ve helped dozens of firms, large and small, use the web to propel their growth. We selectively choose our clients and will only work with you if we are confident that we can help you succeed. 

We believe in complete transparency and always track your before and after metrics so you can be sure you’re investing your marketing dollars wisely.

We are among the only advisor SEO firms willing to bet our money on your success. After analyzing your website and determining what it would take to gain top ranks in search engines, you may qualify for deferring 50% of our SEO fees until we’ve hit our milestones and you’re positioned to get new clients online.

Along the way we provide monthly progress reports outlining the work that has been completed, the results that we have achieved, and the focus of our work for the next stage of implementation. 

Let us help you grow your firm

SEO Services for Financial Planners

Starting at $3500

1. Foundational SEO

This package contains all of the SEO basics that need to be a part of the work done on every site. It includes:

Keyword Research

Extensive, in-depth keyword research related to your services, niche market, and location. This research also determines the pay-per-click value of the keywords that you want to rank for.

This keyword research becomes the foundation of our on-page SEO strategy.

Benchmarketing Report

We analyze your current ranking for the keywords found in Step 1. This establishes a baseline measurement for us to compare to once the optimization work is complete.

Content Gap Analysis

We compare your current website content with the keywords found in Step 1 and identify where you need more or better content for a particular keyword. We’ll plan out the editing of your current pages or the creation of new ones to maximize your results.

On-page Optimization

We give Google what it wants: great, user-friendly content optimized around clearly defined keyword concepts. We target the keywords from Step 1 throughout your web pages, optimizing your meta tags, headlines, body text, and images.

Local Search Results

We’ll also work outside of your website to get you listed and optimized in local search platforms like Google Maps, Bing Places, Yelp and Foursquare. These platforms can help you gain new leads and boost your website authority.

Business Citations

Citations are references to your company on the Web, most often in online business directories. High-quality business listings are used by the search engines to verify the legitimacy of your business and the accuracy of your data.

We not only create new citations for you, but we go back and clean up any that may have the wrong address, phone number, etc. so that Google gets a clear signal and message regarding your business.

Loading Speed

Loading speed is a ranking signal for the search engines and an important indicator of user-friendliness. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, you could lose up 40% of visitors who don’t want to wait.

We will test your loading speed and make adjustments to make it fly.

Rock Solid Website Security

Every year, thousands of sites get hacked. If you’re not focused on your site’s security, you could be next. We’ll review your security, plug any holes, and employ best practices to keep it safe for the long term.

Mobile Friendliness

Despite people on cell phones now representing the majority of website traffic, most advisors rarely ensure their sites are working flawlessly on mobile.

We test your site for mobile-friendliness and make adjustments and recommendations as needed.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a page format project from Google designed to improve loading times on mobile devices.

Search indexing is now mobile-first, meaning your rankings are more dependent on the experience for users on their cell phones than those on computers, and loading speed is an SEO ranking factor. Your site must be built to render and perform well for cell phones, loading quickly (<3 seconds) and providing a good user experience.

"Featured Snippets" & "People Also Asked"

A featured snippet is a detailed search result, only available for certain searches, where Google displays content aimed at answering the user’s question right away with a clickable source link for more information. They are often referred to as “Position 0” because the snippet appears below the ads, but above the traditional #1 position.

“People Also Asked” are other queries related to the main query (and usually the featured snippet).

Advisor SEO: Featured Snippet and People Also Asked

While there is no guarantee that the search engine will choose your answer for “Featured Snippets” and “People Also Asked,” there are things that can be done to increase your likelihood of appearing in those sections.

Voice Search

Today, searches are regularly being completed through voice search on smartphones, computers, tablets, and smart speakers.

Voice search incorporates traditional SEO signals as well as additional new signals that are specific to voice search.

Internal Linking

A well-structured website defines the hierarchy of your web pages and facilitates better indexing by search engines. When done properly, internal linking can effectively distribute page authority throughout your website and maximize your search rankings. 

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap helps search engines find and crawl your web pages more effectively. We’ll set up Google Search Console and make sure your sitemap is submitted there. 


2. Advanced SEO

Priced through Custom Proposal

Customized SEO package that is designed to move you to the top of your specific target market. It is in addition to the Foundational Package listed above and will be based on your specific SEO competitors, location, and niche market. It may include:

  • Ongoing Link Building
  • Ongoing Content Marketing Strategy
  • Press Outreach campaigns
  • Blog restructuring and optimizing
  • and more

3. Biannual SEO Checkup

$500 per Checkup, paid annually

Keep your website and SEO tuned up with our biannual check-up. This is a manual review and report of your website and SEO by our experts to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t going to waste.

    4. Ongoing SEO Monitoring and Reporting

    $79 per month

    Monthly reporting of your keyword rankings and other key website performance data so we can track progress and make essential adjustments as necessary. Includes detailed reporting, an executive summary of the data, and 24/7 access to your SEO dashboard.

      5. WordPress Security Hardening + Speed Optimization


      Website speed and security are two essential areas that are frequently neglected by website owners. A failure in either area can knock you out of search results.

      We’ll tighten the ship and get it soaring past competitors. We employ the best security practices to keep your site safe and make sure it loads in an instant. 

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